Speech Recognition for Linux

This page contains pointers to my own resources for Linux speech recognition, and to resources created by others. It is by no means a complete reference for everything related to Linux speech recognition.


1. IBM ViaVoice General

2. IBM ViaVoice on SuSE Linux

Users of other distributions

The patch to various ViaVoice scripts should be installed by every user of ViaVoice. The changes are not SuSE-specific. You will probably want to adjust the settings of SPCH_JAVA and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /usr/bin/vvsetenv (after installing the patch). There are comments in the file to help with that.

3. Mailing Lists

IBM: the ViaVoice recognition engine, Linux SDK (viavoice)
This list was stopped by IBM in early March 2002. The archive is still up (we'll see for how long). There is a lot of useful information here which is also relevant to viavoice dictation.
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IBM: ViaVoice Dictation for Linux (vvdictator)
This list was discontinued 10 Feb 2003.
The archive is broken (empty) for Mar - Jun 2002, and IBM says they can't fix it. I have put all messages of that period into this tar file.
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Mar-Jun 02
IBM: viavoice and vvdictator list archives
The archives for the above two lists have disappeared, so I've put a copy here.
A GPL application which uses the ViaVoice engine
Previous list archives
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Announcements/discussions of linux speech recognition
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ViaVoice on MS-Windows
See what ViaVoice for MS-Windows is up to (currently version 10), and how many and what problems users have on that platform. Yahoo group.
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4. Useful links


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