Comet McNaught

The weather has been very bad with frequent cloud cover, but we managed a few shots on a lucky day.

AP3 - Exhibition

The resulting work from the AP3 photo course: exhibition Mar 2003. Definitely worth seeing.

Getting films scanned on CD - a comparison

Various shops in town offer to scan a whole film onto CD when getting a film developed, this comparison gives detailed information about what to expect.

Colour reference images

This image contains colour fields of known colour values, which may be useful for calibrating printers and/or monitors. Both files contain the same image , except that the PNG is only 2% of the size of the TIFF, so try the PNG first. If your software can't handle PNG, well tough use the TIFF. If your computer system is a little pig-headed about file extensions, download the file and rename the extension. Note that JPEG is unsuitable for storing references as the compression used by it changes colour values.

colourreffields.png16m (75k)
colourreffields.tiff24nc (6.5M)

The image of the person is from Ken's Cameras, who didn't reply to my request for permission to use it, so I guess it's ok.

The Santa Parade, Christchurch 2002

The Santa Parade is the annual parade of all kinds of floats at Christmas time. At first I thought the theme had to do with Christmas - but no, it's at Christmas time. The last float is Father Christmas. Not much of a Christmas feeling for anyone from the Northern hemisphere, but hey, it's fun anyway.

A bunch of us managed to join the procession as "official" photographers (thanks Tony B); here's some of my take of photos.

Camera focussing test graph

This line graph helps with testing the camera's auto-focus point. Print the graph, and don't scale it when printing—turn option "fit to page" off. Place the print vertically at a 45 sideways angle 0.45m in front of the camera. Take several photos at the lowest f-stop, with the auto-focus aimed at the centre vertical line. The lines at the top and bottom show the depth of field, the centre of which is the auto-focus point. The lines are 1cm apart in the photo (if you put the print at the 45 angle). If you go further away from the graph, use the graph with thicker lines instead.

To be clear, the idea wasn't mine, I took it from Bob Atkins' page on focus testing. He has a lot more information on his page, so be sure to read that too. I have reproduced the line graph in a slightly modified version and in a vector graphics format, which is tiny to download and always prints at the maximum resolution your printer can handle.



Old stuff which needs tidying


I am a member (of the club as well as the committee) of the Canterbury University Photographic Society. These are the Official Pages on the UCSA server. We can't put the membership application form on the UCSA server, and we also don't have enough space there for the resources. Both are only accessible from within campus - sorry.

In 2002 the situation has changed, not quite sure what to though. This section is hopelessly outdated.


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