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These are mainly problems I have come across when using linux and the solutions I have found. It might help you solving similar problems. If you find any problems/errors in any of the material, please drop me an email and I'll do my best to correct it.


Technical articles and application notes








Voice / Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software for Linux, links, and how to make ViaVoice work on Linux.


VMware on Linux


Linux Links

GNU - The Free Software Foundation
Linux - The Linux Home Page
Linux NZ, and Linux NZ - New Zealand Linux

Hardware compatibility

Always make sure to buy hardware for which there is a Linux driver readily available, preferably in the kernel as this ensures that your hardware will be detected and installed automatically when you install Linux. Here are some places which can tell what is supported: Don't forget a general web search with the model number and Linux as keywords.


Some other resources I have come across:


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