answers-chch-lug.txt		What others say about ViaVoice

viavoice			Copies of the 2 programs created by the patch
viavoice-011210			(and older versions of the given date)

viavoice-3.1-SuSE7.2.patch	The patch to ViaVoice for the given
viavoice-3.1-SuSE7.3-....patch	SuSE versions, and older versions of it

viavoice-lists.tar.bz2		Archives of the viavoice and vvdictator lists
				which used to be at sparklist. These contain
				most of the available technical information
				about VV Dictation and the VV SDK.

viavoiceps.conf			This needs to be in /etc, if you don't have it

vvdictation-update-020425	Emails about how to get the updated runtime
vvdictation-update-020820	from IBM

vvdictator-2002.03-06.tar.gz	The missing part of the archive of the ViaVoice
				Dictation mailing list
				(also included in viavoice-lists.tar.bz2)

vv-debug.tar.gz			Debugging info for IBM
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