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XVoice is a graphical frontend for IBM's ViaVoice speech recognition software. The mailing list was previously hosted at a well-known list provider, but this setup became increasingly problematic. The list will move to sourceforge shortly. The archives of the previous location can be downloaded here.

yxvoice-msg.tar.bz2 (1.01 MB) (appr 28 MB uncompressed)

Once the contents of the file are unpacked, the individual messages are browsable. There's an index too, but not all links to index pages will go to a new file (otherwise there would have to be an index for every single message - not useful). All links point to local files, whether these files exist or not, this avoids problems with linking to external files. There are no images. For searching, use your favourite text search tool. Messages up to and including 1452 are included. Spams are emptied out, but the file remains to not break the linking.

Editing all the rubbish out of the HTML files would reduce the space requirements to 30% or less. If anyone writes a script for this please send it to me :-) A search function would be nice too. If anyone knows how to set this up quickly(!) please tell me.

19 Jul 2003:
Another archive, recovered from mail backups and containing all of the 1480 messages so far (minus the spams), is available now as well and will hopefully be imported into the sourceforge infrastructure shortly. It's then part of the XVoice project.


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