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Yeah I know - not prize-worthy. The word "construction site" springs to mind, and because I have too many other things to do, the construction site just gets bigger. Sorry about that, but perhaps you find what you're looking for anyway.


Perhaps the index helps to find things faster:


Folk Dancing

The web site of the Farandol Folk Dancers. Drop a line email, or drop in yourself - it's good fun!

Tramping in New Zealand

is a favourite passtime for many people. And when I am not tramping myself, and feel like I have the time, I'll put some stories and photos here. The one from Christmas is in the pipeline.    (eeehh - which Christmas??)


A brief collection of funny images. These ones are all at the expense of a company called Microsoft. Feel free to send me more, but please send pro-Microsoft jokes to here.

Some more of my collection is now online. They're ordered by file format. The plain text ones are in txt, the typeset ones are in tex. There is no index yet, and the LaTeX source files are not yet accompanied by something which can be printed directly, but all the files in that directory are self-contained and printable output can be obtained with one run through LaTeX. You could install LaTeX for free, or else read over the markup. For good measure, there are some html accessed ones here.


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