My Arduino software.

SoftTimer - Easy to use timer objects library.
Uses software timing with millis(), no hardware timer needed.
Far better than peppering millis() everywhere.
Optionally prints switch events (for development).
Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.10.

PushButton - Buttons/switches + rotary encoders library.
De-bouncing, functions that return an event only once a button is pushed,
long button presses. Simple rotary encoder handling.
Uses polling, requires no hardware timer (but one could be used).
Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.10.

EEsettings - Run-time settings in EEPROM.
Store run-time configuration settings in EEPROM.
Load default values if EEPROM checksum is bad.
Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.12.

RTC_DS3232 - Real-Time Clock library.
Supports DS3231, DS3232, DS3234.
Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.12.

PrintExt - Fixed-width integer (hex, bin) formatting with streaming support.
2-, 4-, 8-digit fixed-width hex numbers, 8-,16-,32-digit fixed-width binary
numbers. Print flash-memory strings.
Tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.12.

night-light-PIR - Automatic night light
Motion detector, turn light on/off slowly, lots of settings that can be changed
at run-time and stored in non-volatile memory.

MemoryFree - Get free bytes of RAM.
Works with Arduino 0.22+ and 1.0.

lis3lv02 - Handle an ST LIS3LV02DL 3-axis accelerometer.
Complete with extensive documentation (PDF, HTML, man).
Works with Arduino 0.22+ and 1.0. Fully tested.
Should also work on a PIC32 Arduino.
Note this chip is 3.3V max, 5V will let the smoke out!

SRAM23K256 - Access Microchip 23K256 SRAM (static RAM).
Good for temporary data storage.
Needs an update for Arduino 1.0.
Note this chip is 3.3V max, 5V will let the smoke out!

Makefile-Arduino - Makefile for building/uploading Arduino programs.
Build and upload Arduino programs that use the Arduino core, and any number of
Arduino and any number of other libraries.
Runs inside the Arduino sketch directory.
Works for Arduino 0.22/0.23 and 1.0.
I am in the process of updating it for 1.6.x, which need significant changes,
and splitting it into a static and project-specific part.

udev rules
Give each of your Arduinos its own device node for programming,
like /dev/ttyUSB_XYZ, and never mix them up again.
(Note: Perfect with FTDI, doesn't work with lousy chips like CH340G.)

More to come.

Feel free to send me comments and suggestions!

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