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Recently I had the need to convert pieces of bibliographic information, which were exported from a number of different literature data bases, into a more useful format. For me, that means BibTeX. Being short of time, I thought I'd be pragmatic and make use of the endnote program offered to me by the university. Big mistake.


Most formats exported by data bases can be imported into endnote, but the one from, which I needed most, can not. The import filter (which the library had to make first), doesn't work reliably, and can't be made to work. The BibTeX export filter needed some serious work, and even after that, information keeps on getting lost somewhere. It also generates an enormous amount of rubbish in between the sueful bits. Support for BibTeX export from the university library is non-existing (although BibTeX is advertised as supported). Support from the company which makes endnote isn't where they say it is (that whole server doesn't even exist), and once found, over half a decade out of date.

Summary: endnote is a complete waste of time. If I'd programmed filters myself I would have functional software now, for the same amount of time spent.


This started as a filter to correct the broken output from After all the trouble with endnote I extended it to do the conversion to BibTeX as well. As a third function, it tidies up most of the mess in endnote's BibTeX output. Download

Notes: Some of the IEEE journal names are translated into a macro. The macro name is identical to the one used by the official IEEE software. Most (all I encountered) of the HTML constructions in the citation exported from are translated into correct LaTeX equivalents.

Installation: unpack into any directory which contains executable programs.

Other Programs

bp, perl-bp Originally from Dana Jacobsen, March 1996, ported to current software versions by David Kaplan, part of sixpack These did an ok job for inspec and ovid input, but both needed manual fixing. See the bug report.

bibutils From Chris Putnam. Converts RIS and medline to BibTeX. I have used version 2.2 with good success. Manual correction may be required in a few cases. I compiled Linux packages.

bibtool Good for pretty printing, sorting, and copying entries within or between files. The source code is available from CTAN, or from my compiled packages.

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