bib-fixer-1.4.tar.gz		Program which corrects error in IEEE citation
				format and converts to BibTeX; cleans up
				endnote BibTeX output
  citations.tar.gz		Example citations in various formats
  ieee-more.ieeeris.gz		More ieee citations

  review			Brief info about some bibliographic packages
  IEE.bib			Shortcuts for IEE journals and magazines (beta)

  mandrakeforum-article2039	Copy of an article on Mandrakeforum (in case the
  				original disappears completely)

  endnote/			Directory which contains files for endnote.
				These inmport and export filters were used with
    BibTeX Export.ens		export filter for BibTeX (not from me)
    IEEExplore.enf		import filter for (by
    				  University of Canterbury library)
    about-bibtex-export.txt	notes about the export filter

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