Packages for SuSE Linux 10.0                      Compiled by Volker Kuhlmann

Use the SuSE 9.2 packages until I get to recompiling them for SUSE 10.0.
If you would like me to create other packages for you, I will be more than happy
to do so. Please contact me for a quote.

* bibclean
* bibtool
* bibutils
* cowsay/cowthink
* dares
* dvdisaster
* fdupes
* flpsed
* ImageMagick3
* par
* pdfbook
* png2pdf
* pstotext
* shorten
* spinner
  The SuSE 9.2 packages work fine.

* cdrecord-dvdhack
* cdrecord-ossdvd
  Use dvd+rw-tools instead, it's shipped by SuSE.

* dvd+rw-tools
  Updated to version 6.1.

* exiftool (perl-Image-ExifTool)
  Reads/writes meta information in image, audio, video files.

* gv
  The version which can transparently decompress bzip2 files is now shipped by

* html2text
  A current version is now shipped by SUSE.

* ImageMagick
  This version 6.2.5 has a very annoying bug in display with space/backspace key
  navigation fixed. Updated to 6.2.6.

* iraf
  An image processing program, primarily for astronomy.
  Install the packages from SuSE 8.2.

* midas
  ESO-MIDAS is the European Southern Observatory - Munich Image Data Analysis
  System, developed and maintained by the European Southern Observatory. MIDAS
  provides general tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis
  on astronomical applications.
  Install the packages from SuSE 8.2.

* msttcorefonts
  This is now integrated into yast; start the yast online update and install the
  "download Microsoft truetype core fonts".
  Also, SuSE now has a nifty font installation facility - copy all the X11 font
  files into some directory (e.g. under /usr/local) and place a symlink to
  it under /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/, then run SuSEconfig --module fonts.

* mutt
  Identical to SuSE's shipped version, except for
  1) A time stamp on mail files is updated when the file was modified by mutt.
  2) When a mail file is modified, chmod o-x is performed on the file, this
     works in with using a umask of 076 with procmail.

* nedit 5.5
  A very good graphical editor.  (
  The contrib area from is also included in these packages.
  These packages use the openmotif 2.2.3 shipped by SUSE 10.0.
  Warning: the x86_64 binary is untested and may corrupt files!

* pdftk
  The pdf tool kit. A current version is now shipped by SUSE.

* perl-Image-ExifTool
  A nice command line EXIF reader which can also modify some of the EXIF

* scriptutils
  This collection of shell scripts helps with everyday tasks, often reducing
  the amount of typing otherwise required when using the standard utilities.
  Included are scripts for finding files, comparing directory trees, generating
  checksums, mastering and writing CDs, downloading URLs listed in special
  files via cron, and a few others.

* smartmontools
  A current version is now shipped by SUSE.

* susegrep, susegrep-data10.0
  A searchable index of the SuSE distribution media. Lists package descriptions,
  file lists etc. The package susegrep contains the program, but use
  scriptutils in preference. susegrep-data9.2 contains the index for 9.2. You
  may also install any of the susegrep-dataX.Y packages from previous SuSE
  versions in parallel.

* transfig
  see -> xfig / transfig

* wav2cdr
  A conversion program for some audio formats into a format suitable for
  CDs. Adapts to big and little endian machines automatically. Can perform
  cutting on sampled tracks (useful when digitising records), and a few
  other operations like volume changes or fading.

* wipe
  A current version is now shipped by SUSE.

* WordNet
  Install the packages from SuSE 8.2.

* workman
  A CD-player program based on xview. This one is recompiled from the SuSE 9.1
  sources. The 64 bit version doesn't run, use the 32 bit one.
  This also needs one of the packages xview-3.2p1.4 or
  xview-32bit-9.2-200410061204 from SuSE 9.2.

* xfig / transfig
  Current alpha versions which have new features and work reasonably well.
  These packages are optimised for SuSE. All appliccable patches which SuSE
  applied to 3.2.4 are applied to this alpha version too. The binaries from are for Red Hat and don't run on SuSE 9.1 because
  of differences in libraries at binary level.
  Install the xfig for SuSE 9.2, and the transfig for SuSE 9.1.
  Transfig 3.2.5alpha7 uses new PostScript shading code which does not give the
  same result as previous versions.

* other/providers-NZ.conf
  Not a package, but copying this file to /usr/share/providers/NZ.conf makes a
  bunch of common New Zealand ISPs available in yast when configuring a modem.

* other/sysconffiles-XXX.tar.bz2
  A basic set of additional shell configuration files, and some patches for a
  number of programs.
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