Packages for SuSE Linux 8.2

* ImageMagick3
  This version of ImageMagick is made for makeimage, a tool for archiving and
  editing photos. Makeimage is now distributed separately (package scriptutils).
  To date, none of the available versions 4.x and 5.x of ImageMagick actually
  work correctly in all areas used by makeimage (and not many functions are
  used), newer IM versions are also noticably slower. This old version of
  ImageMagick has no bugs in those functions used by makeimage.
  To avoid collisions with other installed IM packages, the installation
  location for this package can be changed with rpm --prefix, default is
  /usr/local/X11R6. The IM3 wrapper will change the paths accordingly, so
  IM3 convert will call the convert of this package.

* WordNet
  A lexical reference system. Word forms in WordNet are represented in their
  familiar orthography; word meanings are represented by synonym sets (synset)
  - lists of synonymous word forms that are interchangeable in some context.
  Lexical and semantic relations also included. In short: a pretty good

* atsar
  Atsar can be used to measure the load on the most relevant system resources,
  such as CPU, disk, memory and network. Gathers statistics about the
  utilization of CPU's, disks, memory and swap, serial lines and network.

* bibclean
  Not yet updated for SuSE 8.2.
  Install the package from SuSE 8.1 instead.

* bibtool
  Not yet updated for SuSE 8.2.
  Install the package from SuSE 8.1 instead.

* bibutils
  Conversion tools to convert different bibliography formats through a common
  "XML-like" intermediate.

* bind9
  Includes the anti-VeriSpam patch.

* cdrecord-dvdhack
  Identical to the cdrecord version shipped with SuSE 8.2, except that it is
  updated to 2.01a18 and has the dvdhack patch added. Specifically, the resmgr
  support from SuSE is included.

  The DVD patch was initially made by Nicolae Mihalache for cdrecord around
  1.15 to have a free alternative for burning DVD under linux, and is now
  maintained by Warly.

* cdrecord-ossdvd
  Identical to the version shipped by SuSE, except for the added dvd patch from
  Binary installed as cdrecord-ossdvd.
  Read the docs and DISCLAIMER.html first!

* dvd+rw-tools
  Free DVD burning under Linux. Specifically for DVD+RW (and DVD+R), now also
  supports DVD-R(W).
  Also includes rpl8 and pipebuf2.

* gv 3.5.8
  gv (the successor to Tim Theisen's ghostview) by default can uncompress
  gziped files on the fly. This version allows to also uncompress
  bzip2-compressed files on the fly.

* html2text
  Converts HTML pages into plain text.
  Version 1.3.1 doesn't compile with gcc 3.3. The spec file is as far as I
  Install the package from SuSE 8.1 instead.

* iraf
  An image processing program, primarily for astronomy.

* lxt
  Kind of like the XtreePro program for MSDOS.

* midas
  ESO-MIDAS is the European Southern Observatory - Munich Image Data Analysis
  System, developed and maintained by the European Southern Observatory. MIDAS
  provides general tools for image processing and data reduction with emphasis
  on astronomical applications.

* msttcorefonts

* mutt
  Identical to SuSE's shipped version, except for
  1) A time stamp on mail files is updated when the file was modified by mutt.
  2) When a mail file is modified, chmod o-x is performed on the file, this
     works in with procmail (using a umask of 076).

* nedit 5.4
  New version, new features and speed improvements - definitely worth
  upgrading. The openmotif 2.2.2 shipped with SuSE 8.1, 8.2, 9.0 is rubbish and
  makes nedit crash all the time. This nedit package is linked static against a
  functional openmotif and works fine. The SuSE-supplied nedit packages are
  basically rubbish.
  If you want a functional nedit 5.3 for SuSE 8.1-9.0, use the one for SuSE 8.0
  in the suse8.0 directory.

* par
  A paragraph formatter similar to fmt, but much more powerful.

* proxytunnel
  Tunneling of ssh over https, or any other port (e.g. nntps) which the proxy
  also allows.

* pstotext
  Converts PostScript or PDF to plain text. This program sometimes works in
  cases where ps2ascii fails.

* scriptutils
  This collection of shell scripts helps with everyday tasks, often reducing
  the amount of typing otherwise required when using the standard utilities.
  Included are scripts for finding files, comparing directory trees, generating
  checksums, mastering and writing CDs, downloading URLs listed in special
  files via cron, and a few others.

* shorten
  Shorten is an audio compression program. It is similar to gzip, but
  works much better on sound files. Compression rates are very good for
  lossless compression, and even better for lossy operation. It handles
  a variety of file formats.

* smartmontools
  Controls and monitors storage devices using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
  Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) built into ATA and SCSI Hard Drives.
  Update to newer version.

* spinner
  Spinner is an anti-idle program that transfers a few characters over a link in
  a set time interval. Prevents the link from being cut due to inactivity.

* susegrep, susegrep-data8.2, susegrep-data8.1, susegrep-data9.0
  A searchable index of the SuSE distribution media. Lists package descriptions,
  file lists etc. The search program in scriptutils is newer, use that instead.

* wav2cdr
  A conversion program for some audio formats into a format suitable for
  CDs. Adapts to big and little endian machines automatically. Can perform
  cutting on sampled tracks (useful when digitising records), and a few
  other operations like volume changes or fading.

* wipe
  Securely erase files from magnetic media.
  Updated to 2.1.0. The 2.0.0 shipped with SuSE 8.2 has serious problems with
  block devices and filling files with given byte values (i.e. doesn't do it).
  2.1.0 still can't fill a device with a byte value.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [Compressed] atsar-1.6-103.i586.log.gz 01-Jun-2003 23:49 1.6K [Linux package] atsar-1.6-103.i586.rpm 01-Jun-2003 23:49 55K [Compressed] atsar-1.6-103.i686.log.gz 01-Jun-2003 23:50 1.6K [Linux package] atsar-1.6-103.i686.rpm 01-Jun-2003 23:50 55K [Linux package] atsar-1.6-103.src.rpm 01-Jun-2003 23:49 87K [Linux package] bibutils-2.7-1.i586.rpm 30-Sep-2003 08:11 47K [Compressed] bibutils-2.7-1.log.gz 30-Sep-2003 08:11 1.6K [Linux package] bibutils-2.7-1.src.rpm 30-Sep-2003 08:11 693K [Linux package] bibutils-2.8-1.i586.rpm 17-Oct-2003 13:06 47K [Compressed] bibutils-2.8-1.log.gz 17-Oct-2003 13:06 1.6K [Linux package] bibutils-2.8-1.src.rpm 17-Oct-2003 13:06 791K [Linux package] bibutils-2.10-1.i586.rpm 02-Nov-2003 17:33 51K [Compressed] bibutils-2.10-1.log.gz 02-Nov-2003 17:33 1.7K [Linux package] bibutils-2.10-1.src.rpm 02-Nov-2003 17:33 826K [Linux package] bibutils-2.12-1.i586.rpm 11-Nov-2003 20:03 133K [Compressed] bibutils-2.12-1.log.gz 11-Nov-2003 20:03 1.8K [Linux package] bibutils-2.12-1.src.rpm 11-Nov-2003 20:03 692K [Linux package] bind9-9.2.2-18.i586.rpm 18-Sep-2003 21:35 1.5M [Compressed] bind9-9.2.2-18.log.gz 18-Sep-2003 21:36 31K [Linux package] bind9-9.2.2-18.src.rpm 18-Sep-2003 21:35 3.8M [Linux package] bind9-devel-9.2.2-18.i586.rpm 18-Sep-2003 21:36 2.3M [Linux package] bind9-utils-9.2.2-18.i586.rpm 18-Sep-2003 21:35 911K [Linux package] cdrecord-dvdhack-2.01a18-1.i586.rpm 07-Aug-2003 21:50 370K [Compressed] cdrecord-dvdhack-2.01a18-1.log.gz 07-Aug-2003 21:50 11K [Linux package] cdrecord-dvdhack-2.01a18-1.src.rpm 07-Aug-2003 21:50 1.3M [Linux package] cdrecord-ossdvd-2.0-130.i586.rpm 15-Jun-2003 14:53 187K [Compressed] cdrecord-ossdvd-2.0-130.log.gz 15-Jun-2003 14:53 11K [Linux package] cdrecord-ossdvd-2.0-130.src.rpm 15-Jun-2003 14:53 1.3M [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 05-Aug-2003 15:28 89K [Compressed] dvd+rw-tools- 05-Aug-2003 15:28 1.3K [   ] dvd+rw-tools- 05-Aug-2003 15:27 3.9K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 05-Aug-2003 15:28 77K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 02-Sep-2003 20:07 90K [Compressed] dvd+rw-tools- 02-Sep-2003 20:07 1.3K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 02-Sep-2003 20:07 79K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 24-Sep-2003 20:34 95K [Compressed] dvd+rw-tools- 24-Sep-2003 20:34 1.2K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 24-Sep-2003 20:34 80K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 27-Dec-2003 22:58 127K [Compressed] dvd+rw-tools- 27-Dec-2003 22:58 1.3K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools- 27-Dec-2003 22:58 97K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools-5.17-2.i586.rpm 23-Jan-2004 13:44 129K [Compressed] dvd+rw-tools-5.17-2.log.gz 23-Jan-2004 13:44 1.3K [Linux package] dvd+rw-tools-5.17-2.src.rpm 23-Jan-2004 13:44 99K [Compressed] gentium-font-1.0.1-2.log.gz 17-Jan-2004 11:14 1.0K [Linux package] gentium-font-1.0.1-2.noarch.rpm 17-Jan-2004 11:14 1.9M [   ] gentium-font-1.0.1-2.spec 17-Jan-2004 11:14 3.3K [Linux package] gentium-font-1.0.1-2.src.rpm 17-Jan-2004 11:14 1.7M [Linux package] gv-3.5.8-811.i586.rpm 22-Aug-2003 20:42 233K [Compressed] gv-3.5.8-811.log.gz 22-Aug-2003 20:42 3.0K [Linux package] gv-3.5.8-811.src.rpm 22-Aug-2003 20:42 329K [Linux package] gv-3.5.8-812.i586.rpm 26-Aug-2003 17:57 233K [Compressed] gv-3.5.8-812.log.gz 26-Aug-2003 17:57 3.0K [Linux package] gv-3.5.8-812.src.rpm 26-Aug-2003 17:57 331K [   ] html2text-1.3.1-2.spec 05-May-2003 18:37 2.9K [Linux package] ImageMagick-5.5.8-61.i586.rpm 29-Dec-2003 22:01 2.5M [Compressed] ImageMagick-5.5.8-61.log.gz 29-Dec-2003 22:01 23K [Linux package] ImageMagick-5.5.8-61.src.rpm 29-Dec-2003 22:00 4.8M [Linux package] ImageMagick-devel-5.5.8-61.i586.rpm 29-Dec-2003 22:01 1.2M [Linux package] ImageMagick-Magick++-5.5.8-61.i586.rpm 29-Dec-2003 22:01 374K [Compressed] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-14.athlon.log.gz 11-May-2003 19:30 3.2K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-14.athlon.rpm 11-May-2003 19:30 615K [Compressed] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-14.i686.log.gz 11-May-2003 19:18 3.3K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-14.i686.rpm 11-May-2003 19:18 619K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-14.src.rpm 11-May-2003 19:18 1.5M [Linux package] ImageMagick3-devel-3.9.1-14.athlon.rpm 11-May-2003 19:30 560K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-devel-3.9.1-14.i686.rpm 11-May-2003 19:18 563K [Linux package] iraf-2.12.1-2.i386.rpm 09-Jul-2003 14:56 40M [Compressed] iraf-2.12.1-2.log.gz 09-Jul-2003 14:56 3.8K [Linux package] iraf-2.12.1-2.src.rpm 09-Jul-2003 14:48 58M [Linux package] iraf-config-2.12.1-2.i386.rpm 09-Jul-2003 15:02 46K [Compressed] iraf-config-2.12.1-2.log.gz 09-Jul-2003 15:02 841 [Linux package] iraf-config-2.12.1-2.src.rpm 09-Jul-2003 15:02 44K [Linux package] lxt-1.0-2.i586.rpm 02-Jun-2003 00:17 64K [Compressed] lxt-1.0-2.log.gz 02-Jun-2003 00:17 2.5K [Linux package] lxt-1.0-2.src.rpm 02-Jun-2003 00:17 98K [Linux package] midas-03FEBpl1.2-1.i686.rpm 05-Jun-2003 23:42 18M [Compressed] midas-03FEBpl1.2-1.log.gz 05-Jun-2003 23:43 15K [Linux package] midas-03FEBpl1.2-1.src.rpm 05-Jun-2003 23:38 43M [Linux package] midas-calib-03FEBpl1.2-1.i686.rpm 05-Jun-2003 23:43 4.3M [Linux package] midas-doc-03FEBpl1.2-1.i686.rpm 05-Jun-2003 23:42 20M [Compressed] msttcorefonts-1.3-118.log.gz 04-May-2003 20:16 3.0K [   ] msttcorefonts-1.3-118.spec 04-May-2003 20:09 7.5K [Linux package] mutt-1.4i-221.i586.rpm 03-May-2003 18:16 1.1M [Compressed] mutt-1.4i-221.log.gz 03-May-2003 18:16 19K [Linux package] mutt-1.4i-221.src.rpm 03-May-2003 18:16 1.6M [Linux package] nedit-5.4-231.i586.rpm 25-Dec-2003 20:39 1.8M [Compressed] nedit-5.4-231.log.gz 25-Dec-2003 20:39 2.3K [Linux package] nedit-5.4-231.src.rpm 25-Dec-2003 20:38 1.3M [Linux package] par-1.52-1.i586.rpm 30-Dec-2003 14:58 50K [Compressed] par-1.52-1.log.gz 30-Dec-2003 14:58 1.0K [Linux package] par-1.52-1.src.rpm 30-Dec-2003 14:58 51K [Linux package] proxytunnel-1.1.2-1.i586.rpm 21-Sep-2003 13:32 27K [Compressed] proxytunnel-1.1.2-1.log.gz 21-Sep-2003 13:32 1.0K [Linux package] proxytunnel-1.1.2-1.src.rpm 21-Sep-2003 13:32 28K [Linux package] pstotext-1.8g-1.i586.rpm 05-Jun-2003 19:22 33K [Compressed] pstotext-1.8g-1.log.gz 05-Jun-2003 19:22 1.2K [Linux package] pstotext-1.8g-1.src.rpm 05-Jun-2003 19:22 37K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.0.12-1.log.gz 11-May-2003 22:17 1.9K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.12-1.noarch.rpm 11-May-2003 22:17 120K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.12-1.src.rpm 11-May-2003 22:17 117K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.0.13-1.log.gz 03-Jun-2003 15:00 1.9K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.13-1.noarch.rpm 03-Jun-2003 15:00 122K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.13-1.src.rpm 03-Jun-2003 15:00 120K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.14-1.log.gz 28-Jun-2003 02:18 1.9K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.14-1.noarch.rpm 28-Jun-2003 02:18 124K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.14-1.src.rpm 28-Jun-2003 02:18 121K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.15-1.log.gz 07-Aug-2003 20:24 2.0K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.15-1.noarch.rpm 07-Aug-2003 20:24 127K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.15-1.src.rpm 07-Aug-2003 20:24 124K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.16-1.log.gz 09-Aug-2003 16:00 2.0K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.16-1.noarch.rpm 09-Aug-2003 16:00 129K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.16-1.src.rpm 09-Aug-2003 15:59 126K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.17-1.log.gz 25-Aug-2003 02:49 2.1K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.17-1.noarch.rpm 25-Aug-2003 02:49 132K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.17-1.src.rpm 25-Aug-2003 02:49 129K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.18-1.log.gz 21-Sep-2003 16:37 1.4K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.18-1.noarch.rpm 21-Sep-2003 16:37 134K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.18-1.src.rpm 21-Sep-2003 16:37 131K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.19-1.log.gz 20-Nov-2003 12:31 1.4K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.19-1.noarch.rpm 20-Nov-2003 12:31 136K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.19-1.src.rpm 20-Nov-2003 12:31 133K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.20-1.log.gz 05-Dec-2003 18:46 1.4K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.20-1.noarch.rpm 05-Dec-2003 18:46 137K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.20-1.src.rpm 05-Dec-2003 18:46 134K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.21-1.log.gz 07-Jan-2004 23:46 1.5K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.21-1.noarch.rpm 07-Jan-2004 23:46 141K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.21-1.src.rpm 07-Jan-2004 23:46 116K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.22-1.log.gz 30-Apr-2004 23:42 1.5K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.22-1.noarch.rpm 30-Apr-2004 23:42 143K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.22-1.src.rpm 30-Apr-2004 23:42 117K [Linux package] shorten-2.3a-9.i686.rpm 11-May-2003 21:34 108K [Compressed] shorten-2.3a-9.log.gz 11-May-2003 21:34 1.6K [Linux package] shorten-2.3a-9.src.rpm 11-May-2003 21:34 126K [Linux package] smartmontools-5.20-2.i586.rpm 08-Oct-2003 14:10 326K [Compressed] smartmontools-5.20-2.log.gz 08-Oct-2003 14:10 2.9K [   ] smartmontools-5.20-2.spec 08-Oct-2003 14:09 4.5K [TXT] smartmontools-5.20-2.spec.diff 08-Oct-2003 14:10 5.7K [Linux package] smartmontools-5.20-2.src.rpm 08-Oct-2003 14:10 292K [Linux package] smartmontools-5.21-2.i586.rpm 17-Oct-2003 13:04 340K [Compressed] smartmontools-5.21-2.log.gz 17-Oct-2003 13:04 3.0K [Linux package] smartmontools-5.21-2.src.rpm 17-Oct-2003 13:04 327K [Linux package] spinner-1.2.4-1.i586.rpm 05-May-2003 23:54 26K [Compressed] spinner-1.2.4-1.log.gz 05-May-2003 23:54 1.9K [Linux package] spinner-1.2.4-1.src.rpm 05-May-2003 23:54 79K [Linux package] susegrep-8.1-2.src.rpm 24-Aug-2003 20:49 2.7M [Compressed] susegrep-8.2-3.log.gz 24-Aug-2003 20:54 757 [Linux package] susegrep-8.2-3.noarch.rpm 24-Aug-2003 20:53 12K [Linux package] susegrep-8.2-3.src.rpm 24-Aug-2003 20:53 3.3M [Compressed] susegrep-9.0-1.log.gz 10-Dec-2003 18:42 760 [Linux package] susegrep-9.0-1.noarch.rpm 10-Dec-2003 18:41 12K [Linux package] susegrep-9.0-1.src.rpm 10-Dec-2003 18:41 3.3M [Linux package] susegrep-data8.1-8.1-2.noarch.rpm 24-Aug-2003 20:49 3.7M [Linux package] susegrep-data8.2-8.2-2.noarch.rpm 11-May-2003 15:05 4.5M [Linux package] susegrep-data8.2-8.2-3.noarch.rpm 24-Aug-2003 20:54 4.5M [Linux package] susegrep-data9.0-9.0-1.noarch.rpm 10-Dec-2003 18:42 4.6M [Compressed] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.athlon.log.gz 11-May-2003 20:50 1.4K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.athlon.rpm 11-May-2003 20:50 49K [Compressed] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.i386.log.gz 11-May-2003 20:45 1.3K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.i386.rpm 11-May-2003 20:45 49K [Compressed] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.i686.log.gz 11-May-2003 20:48 1.3K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.i686.rpm 11-May-2003 20:48 50K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-9.src.rpm 11-May-2003 20:45 63K [Linux package] wipe-2.1.0-251.i586.rpm 29-Sep-2003 15:39 23K [Compressed] wipe-2.1.0-251.log.gz 29-Sep-2003 15:39 2.4K [Linux package] wipe-2.1.0-251.src.rpm 29-Sep-2003 15:39 74K [Linux package] WordNet-2.0-1.i586.rpm 04-Nov-2003 21:15 11M [Compressed] WordNet-2.0-1.log.gz 04-Nov-2003 21:15 3.1K [Linux package] WordNet-2.0-1.src.rpm 04-Nov-2003 21:13 13M
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