Packages for SuSE Linux 8.0

* The nedit package in here is statically linked with an openmotif which works
  with nedit. These packages also work on SuSE 8.1 + 8.2, the nedit shipped by
  SuSE with 8.1 + 8.2 is linked against a motif which doesn't work.

Icon  Name                                   Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [Linux package] aide-0.9-182.i386.rpm 06-Sep-2002 22:22 358K [Compressed] aide-0.9-182.log.gz 06-Sep-2002 22:21 2.3K [Linux package] aide-0.9-182.src.rpm 06-Sep-2002 22:22 216K [Linux package] greedydog-2.3-11.i386.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 110K [Compressed] greedydog-2.3-11.log.gz 27-Jun-2002 21:00 3.0K [Linux package] greedydog-2.3-11.src.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 466K [Linux package] httptunnel-3.0.5-2.i386.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 60K [Compressed] httptunnel-3.0.5-2.log.gz 27-Jun-2002 20:53 3.2K [Linux package] httptunnel-3.0.5-2.src.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 258K [Compressed] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-12.athlon.log.gz 01-Jul-2002 13:12 5.6K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-12.athlon.rpm 01-Jul-2002 13:28 886K [Compressed] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-12.i686.log.gz 01-Jul-2002 13:24 5.6K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-12.i686.rpm 01-Jul-2002 13:28 883K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-3.9.1-12.src.rpm 01-Jul-2002 13:29 1.5M [Linux package] ImageMagick3-devel-3.9.1-12.athlon.rpm 01-Jul-2002 13:29 523K [Linux package] ImageMagick3-devel-3.9.1-12.i686.rpm 01-Jul-2002 13:29 521K [Linux package] lxt-1.0-1.i386.rpm 29-Jun-2002 08:29 62K [Compressed] lxt-1.0-1.log.gz 29-Jun-2002 08:27 2.1K [Linux package] lxt-1.0-1.src.rpm 29-Jun-2002 08:29 97K [Linux package] midas-02FEBpl1.2-1.i386.rpm 29-Jun-2002 11:41 26M [Compressed] midas-02FEBpl1.2-1.log.gz 29-Jun-2002 11:31 81K [Linux package] midas-02FEBpl1.2-1.src.rpm 29-Jun-2002 11:42 43M [Linux package] midas-calib-02FEBpl1.2-1.i386.rpm 29-Jun-2002 11:42 4.3M [Linux package] midas-doc-02FEBpl1.2-1.i386.rpm 29-Jun-2002 11:42 20M [Linux package] mutt-1.3.27i-165.i386.rpm 13-Jun-2002 16:32 1.1M [Compressed] mutt-1.3.27i-165.log.gz 13-Jun-2002 16:30 15K [Linux package] mutt-1.3.27i-165.src.rpm 13-Jun-2002 16:32 1.6M [Linux package] nedit-5.3-192.i386.rpm 14-Jul-2002 13:00 1.3M [Compressed] nedit-5.3-192.log.gz 14-Jul-2002 12:59 5.5K [Linux package] nedit-5.3-192.src.rpm 14-Jul-2002 13:00 792K [Compressed] scriptutils-1.0.4-1.log.gz 11-Sep-2002 15:03 2.5K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.4-1.noarch.rpm 11-Sep-2002 15:05 102K [Linux package] scriptutils-1.0.4-1.src.rpm 11-Sep-2002 15:05 101K [Linux package] shorten-2.3a-7.i686.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 34K [Compressed] shorten-2.3a-7.log.gz 27-Jun-2002 21:12 2.2K [Linux package] shorten-2.3a-7.src.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 125K [Compressed] SuSEfirewall-5.1-134.log.gz 06-Sep-2002 15:32 1.5K [Linux package] SuSEfirewall-5.1-134.noarch.rpm 06-Sep-2002 15:34 69K [Linux package] SuSEfirewall-5.1-134.src.rpm 06-Sep-2002 15:34 81K [Compressed] susegrep-8.0-1.log.gz 28-Jun-2002 11:38 658 [Linux package] susegrep-8.0-1.noarch.rpm 28-Jun-2002 11:46 3.4M [Linux package] susegrep-8.0-1.src.rpm 28-Jun-2002 11:46 2.3M [Compressed] wav2cdr-2.3.3-7.i386.log.gz 27-Jun-2002 19:44 1.7K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-7.i386.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 48K [Compressed] wav2cdr-2.3.3-7.i686.log.gz 27-Jun-2002 19:43 1.7K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-7.i686.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 48K [Linux package] wav2cdr-2.3.3-7.src.rpm 27-Jun-2002 21:32 63K [Linux package] xsane-0.87-202.i386.rpm 13-Jul-2002 23:02 1.4M [Compressed] xsane-0.87-202.log.gz 13-Jul-2002 23:00 9.6K [Linux package] xsane-0.87-202.src.rpm 13-Jul-2002 23:02 1.7M
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