Packages for SUSE Linux 12.3                      Compiled by Volker Kuhlmann

Use packages from previous versions if I haven't compiled them for 12.3 yet. In
many cases they're exactly the same anyway.

* flpsed
  Interactively place text over an existing postscript or pdf file - very good
  for filling in these pdf forms!

* moreutils

* mutt
  Identical to SuSE's shipped version, except for
  1) A time stamp on mail files is updated when the file was modified by mutt.
  2) When a mail file is modified, chmod o-x is performed on the file, this
     works in with using a umask of 076 with procmail.
  3) Interpretation of the "From " line in mbox files recognises the format
     produced by kmail.

* picocom
  Updated to 1.7.

* scriptutils
  This collection of shell scripts helps with everyday tasks, often reducing
  the amount of typing otherwise required when using the standard utilities.
  Included are scripts for finding files, comparing directory trees, generating
  checksums, mastering and writing CDs, downloading URLs listed in special
  files via cron, and a few others.

* other/providers-NZ.conf
  Not a package, but copying this file to /usr/share/providers/NZ.conf makes a
  bunch of common New Zealand ISPs available in yast when configuring a modem.

* other/sysconffiles-XXX.tar.bz2
  A basic set of additional shell + other configuration files, and some patches
  for a number of programs.
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