Read/write/modify the CMOS non-volatile memory (NVRAM) area of the x86-type PC
architecture. This memory area for example stores all the BIOS settings.

This program provides a convenient scripting interface, and apart from
backup/restore of the whole memory area is capable of manipulating individual
memory bits. It is tested on Linux and FreeBSD.

This becomes useful to change BIOS settings which can't be changed through the
BIOS set-up interface but only through some manufacturer-provided program that
only runs on some other OS.

In particular Compaq managed such stupidity in the third millennium and
implemented the classic "No keyboard present - press F1 to continue" joke of
1980s vintage. There is a script included with fixes up the Compaq Deskpro EN,
which makes a good firewall.

23 Jul 2011
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